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Barks 18/05 sukekiyo interview english

That’s from a while ago, but in case you haven’t seen it yet: 

[Interview] Sukekiyo’s first album, IMMORTALIS. A long interview that reveals the five members’ deepest thoughts. (Part 1)

Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5

Absorptive Sadness by Flasherexe

Paul Möller shot by Matt Lambert for Visionaire Magazine
sukekiyo - elisabeth addict (english translation)

Counting the songs I pray fervently to the new moon tonight

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sukekiyo - mama (english translation)

Let the tears blur the rusty chains and the grief set forth the freedom

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sukekiyo - the daemon’s cutlery (english translation)

Rehearsal in the background

I sing a verse

It’s starting to become clear

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sukekiyo - nine melted fiction (english translation)

Elegant curves



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sukekiyo - vandal (english translation)

This way please, by all means

Listen carefully

Playing cat and mouse is what you like to do

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sukekiyo - latour (english lyrics)

Close-by sky Avert the eyes from this foolish act

Foolish Excuses You yourself

Because it is teased, it becomes swollen

I want to feel this bolero

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sukekiyo - 斑人間 (english lyrics)

Water filling up the bucket


Stuffing the body, oh all-important you, same as yesterday?

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sukekiyo - hidden one (english lyrics)

Encountering beauty, encountering poetry

The crystal clear ideals swell up

Dreaming the tangled dream The pulse of growth is beating


Shining through the dark and scary future, irreplaceable

Unable to let go of your sleeve ever again, where am I?

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sukekiyo - hemimetabolism (english lyrics)

You should possess freedom

That’s your proof of life.

This way of living is maybe wavering

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sukekiyo - zephyr (english lyrics)

Arriving to a love that’s so much more

A weak and fragile time

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sukekiyo - scars like velvet (english lyrics)

Pretending not to see the anguish

The vestige dies away

Who is it replaced by?

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